Spiritual Health
Are You Tired and Worn Out? with Seek Well

Ministry is hard and often leaves us spiritually depleted. Join us for a conversation on how to follow Jesus in a busy world without losing your soul. We’ll guide you through an experience to discover how spiritual rhythm impacts your life and your ministry.

The Culture of Sacred Rhythms with John MacDonald

Over the past two decades, the Western church has come face to face with our own lack of wisdom, revelation, and power in most situations. We have realized that our witty church models, creative structures, programs, and strategies have left us spiritually bankrupt. We have witnessed deconstruction movements. Doctrinal and theological destruction has shaped an entire generation. At the core, our problem started when we willingly gave up our life-giving Sacred Rhythms for cultural ones. This is a call back to practicing the Sacred Rhythms of His Presence.

Counteracting Chaos with Seek Well

Life can be chaotic. When we’re moving too fast it’s impossible to see things clearly. Join us for a conversation about strengthening your soul by embracing Jesus’ invitation to rest. Discover how being still is the antidote to the chaos of life and ministry that so many of us seem to be experiencing.


From Chaos to Clarity with Jon Nicholas

Sunday comes every 7 days. In the fast-paced rhythm of our weekly routines, it's easy for leaders to find themselves caught in the whirlwind of day-to-day chaos, merely surviving instead of thriving. In this session discover the principles of visionary leadership, strategic planning, and the importance of cultivating a healthy organizational culture. Learn to shift focus from working in your ministry to strategically working on it. This session is a roadmap for leaders ready to break free from chaos and build a purposeful, thriving ministry.

Leadership. Shepherding. Jesus. Creativity. 2024. with Jimmy Savage

Worship ministry has never been easy. There are relational dynamics, leadership expectations, creative differences, culture wars, and people who don’t like new things. In this breakout, we’re going to be real, realistic, and practical on how to lead a ministry where everyone (hopefully) will love Jesus and each other.

Women Leading Worship with Jen Smale

God has graced and called all of his children to be carriers of his presence and proclaimers of his glory here on earth. As women, we face unique challenges, but we also bring a distinct essence to the worship experience. In this breakout, we’ll be discussing practical mindsets and methods to help us carry out our spiritual mission.


Prophetic Worship with Michael Bethany

Ministry is hard and often leaves us spiritually depleted. Join us for a conversation on how to follow Jesus in a busy world without losing your soul. We’ll guide you through an experience to discover how spiritual rhythm impacts your life and your ministry.

Working Together As A Band (Q&A) with Steffany Gretzinger Band

Dive into the world of worship music alongside Steffany Gretzinger’s band as they share their stories and expertise in a captivating Q&A session. Explore the dynamics of band synergy, individual growth, and the profound significance of worship music through the lens of these gifted musicians. With experience ranging from intimate gatherings to global stages, these leaders will revolutionize your understanding of personal and collective musical expression in the context of worship.

Vocal Technique in the Worship Setting with Leo Humbach

Are you a vocalist? Dive into the art of worship by refining your vocal technique in this breakout session. Explore essential warm-up exercises for pre-service preparation, master vocal placement, and breath management, and unlock the secrets of blending head and chest voice harmoniously. Delve into the nuances of enunciation versus articulation, and learn practical tips for seamless integration with fellow vocalists, enriching your worship experience with skill and passion.


Reflective Visuals with Carter Music

In worship, a significant part of our creative efforts involves reflection. Our goal is to enhance the essence of our gatherings or, on a broader scale, to depict the intangible. Utilizing tools such as video and lighting provides people with a visual context for the profound narrative and Great Story we are privileged to be a part of.

Podcasting 101 with Benny McDaniel

Currently, there are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally. That is 8.68% of the total internet users. So how does the church be better equipped to enter that content space confidently and boldly? In this breakout, we will range from the practical aspects of podcasting to the philosophical viewpoints of podcasting. The goal is that if you feel led to be a voice of truth in this culture and plan to use a podcast to do so, by the time you leave this breakout you will have the keys and the foundation to do so.

Improving Your Live Stream Audio with Jeff Barnett & Kent Morris

Now more than ever, churches are taking their services online to stay connected to their congregations and to reach more people from their community and around the world. But for many churches, the audio feed in the church’s live stream isn’t as good as it could be. Crafting audio for a live stream is very different from mixing live sound for an in-person congregation, and it brings its own set of challenges. In this session, we’ll discuss the most common live-stream audio problems and their solutions.

Visual Communications

Telling Scrappy Stories with Nick Benoit

When it feels like we don’t have the budget, people, time, or much of anything else at our fingertips, we can still tell the kinds of stories our churches need to hear, the kind that helps us to see God and ourselves. Let’s talk about the things that really matter and the things that hardly matter at all when it comes to sharing stories.

The Art of the Testimony with Greg Snider

God is a creative storyteller who uses the power of testimony to reveal himself. He designed creatives to communicate His story in unique and powerful ways. In this breakout, we will discuss why it is necessary to testify about what He is doing and look at how to share God’s story in a variety of creative ways.

Spirit-Driven Social Media with Briana Zananiri

Social Media management requires endurance. It’s a constant cycle of pumping out content to meet deadlines. With so much content creation to juggle, it can be easy to operate on one's own strength to get the job done, even though we are serving church ministries. But how much more empowered and effective could our effort be if we chose to ask the Lord for His will and ideas for our content? In this session, we’ll discuss how to partner with the Holy Spirit to develop your church's social media strategy; and how to use your discernment to stay set apart in the digital age.