A Calming Presence in an Anxious World
with Seek Well

Is anxiety the new norm? Everything in culture would seem to say “Yes”; but Jesus says there is another way. Come and experience the spiritual practice of settling your soul with the team from Seek Well. Discover the antidote to living a hurried and pressured life. Our hope is that you will leave this session with practical tools to lead a vibrant ministry without losing your soul in the process.

Discipleship Talk
with LaMorris Crawford

Discipleship should be woven throughout our leadership. Join a conversation with LaMorris Crawford as he encourages leaders to make discipleship the mission and not the exception.

Four Faces of Worship
with Zach Neese

It’s been said that if we want to see the things of heaven on earth, we have to do the things of heaven on earth.  If that is the case, then it’s a good idea to learn what we can from Biblical references of worship around the throne of God.  This breakout will dig in to see what we can learn about worship leading from the four “Creatures” in Revelation Chapter 4.   How do I understand and utilize my God given gifts to pastor others in God’s presence?  And how can I be more considerate of my weaknesses and the differences to avoid causing harm? This class is an eye-opening look into how our worship leadership can better help our people see, know, and love Jesus more.


Playing My Part in the Band
with Tom Gazella

This breakout will cover leading a band and being a musician in spontaneous/prophetic environments. We will discuss practical tools to direct a band, and what to play when the road map has ended.

Why Your Church Should Release Music, and How to Get Started
with Stephen Brewster with Zach Neese, Rachel Culver, Jason Dyba, Shane Selby, Makayla McKibben, and Jon Nicholas

Your church has a unique voice and a specific calling in the Kingdom of God. In this session, Stephen Brewster will explore the reasons every church should be writing and releasing their own music to the world. He will be joined by a panel of award-winning, experienced songwriters and leaders to discuss ways to make this happen in your context.


Creating Excellent Live Video and Team Culture
with Alan Lockwood

Let’s get practical about your systems and processes that can immediately be implemented to increase the quality of your live video production. How does gear, strategy, and volunteers make or break the end result?

Lighting for Broadcast
with Brandon Shultz

The pandemic has shifted producers and creators to develop content for virtual and online production. This has created new challenges for some producers as they translate production to their audiences through a camera lens. In this session we'll explore lighting for camera, discuss techniques to overcome lighting for camera challenges, and develop more compelling livestream experiences.

Why Do Church Live Streams Sound Like Crap?
with Benny McDaniel

You’ve seen the memes and the church fail videos. You’ve listened to the church down the road. And you might cringe when listening to your own mix. Why do most church live streams sound SO BAD? If you have ever wondered why, have a broadcast that is guilty of this, or are just curious of the answer this breakout is for you. We will cover sonic space, dynamics, and fundamentals that will help any mix.

Visual Communications

Creative Video Editing and Production In Ministry
with Blake Powell

As Christians, we should be the most creative people on Earth; after all, we know the Creator. However, more often than not, Christian media inside and outside the walls of the church is devastatingly lacking. For this breakout, you are in the driver’s seat as you will be able to ask questions of someone who has been pushing the limits of local church video production for the last 15 years. From interview videos, to short form narratives, and even films, join us as we discuss ways to approach video at all levels and budgets, to up our game, and start speaking the gospel in a language our culture can understand.

Storytelling and the Guarantee of Chaos
with Jason Dyba

There are a handful of techniques that the greatest storytellers in the world use over and over again. The same story, told 2 different ways, could have a wildly different impact. This breakout explores both the principles and practices of how we can shape a narrative.

Let’s Get Practical
with Jess Ciaramitaro with Stephen Brewster, Andrew Pealock & Greg Snider

Inspiration is one thing, but implementing ideas in your setting, with your budget, and your team… now that’s another thing entirely. In this Q&A style discussion, our expert panel will provide practical next steps in 3 key areas: video production, photography, and social media. So bring your questions, come caffeinated, and get ready to move from inspiration to implementation.